President's Message

From Bill Templeton

About Bill Templeton

Wilfred S. “Bill” Templeton was born in Union Grove, NC and graduated from Jonesville High School, Jonesville, NC. Mr. Templeton attended Appalachian State College and Clevenger College of Business Administration.

Mr. Templeton began his automotive career in the 1950’s at B&L Motor Company, an Olds-Cadillac dealer in N. Wilkesboro, NC. During the next 17 years he worked in the metro Washington, DC, area working his way up from a new and used car salesman to general manager and partner.

In 1971, he opened Templeton Olds in Vienna, VA, as dealer principal. In 1986 he moved to Florida and in 1987 opened a Toyota Dealership in Sarasota. In 1988 he opened Ft. Myers Toyota. Templeton sold his Sarasota dealership in 1991. To date, Mr. Templeton’s Ft. Myers Toyota Dealership is the seventh largest in the United States.

Mr. Templeton has real estate holdings in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. He is on the Board of Trustees for Patrick Henry College and is a member of the First Baptist Church of Sarasota. Mr. Templeton supports qualifying nonprofit organizations, Judeo-Christian faith-based ministries and other religious institutions, health and human services and education through The Templeton Foundation.

President's Message

My wife, Ann, and I desire to share the love of Christ and give back the blessings we have received to those in need by creating The Templeton Foundation. We believe that each of us face daily challenges to live a purpose filled life guided by biblical principals that will foster spiritual growth and success in life according to God’s plan. Respect, integrity and moral character are attributes of success that must and should be taught and learned.

We must return to the traditional family values that have served this nation so well. Our founding fathers’ intent, their acknowledgement of God, and the moral foundation they themselves believed and relied upon in their struggle for freedom have been neglected over time.

It is our hope that the support we give to faith-based ministries and other established nonprofit organizations will help individuals and families find and utilize their true God given talents. In turn, they will be able to share with others the blessings received from fulfilling their purpose here on earth.